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We Create Perfect MMC Applications

We’ve created MM-SEAS so you can have one secure location so that you always know where your documents are, when they expire and what else you qualify for!

What We Believe

Mariner Credential Service was founded in 2019 with a single mission: to protect and promote the livelihood of the men and women who transport America’s goods and people by sea.

Your career is important. We provide clarity of process, focused career development and document storage in order to ensure your success and growth in the maritime industry.

Your data is important. We will ensure your data is safe from loss, unauthorized access, and corruption.

We will always be on watch, keeping track of your documents and maintaining a vigilant lookout for any obstacles that may get in the way of your Merchant Mariner Credential.


USCG Credential Consulting

Personalize License, Ratings and Endorsement Support

We do all the paperwork for you

We collect, organize, and evaluate your credentialing documents to ensure you can put all possible USCG License, Ratings and Endorsements you may qualify for on your application 

We eliminate the uncertainty and let you be in control of your career

We work with you to understand your goals and develop a personalized path to help you obtain the credential you have always wanted

As you take more courses and gather more sea service you can submit it to us. We help you track how close you are to your goal

When you are ready to submit your application we make sure all of your documentation including your sea service, course completion certificates, drug test letter and medical forms are in  perfect packets with all the forms properly filled out

Help you know exactly how much and how to use for any USCG evaluation and issuance fees


We charge a flat fee of $500.00 per application no matter how many credentials we help you obtain at one time

Fill out the form below and let us begin supporting you!


The Team

Nate Gilman

3rd Mate Unlimited Oceans/ Mate 1600 GRT Oceans    Master 200 GRT Near Coastal

Co-founder and CEO of Mariner Credential Service. He has over 12 years of maritime experience and has hawsepiped his way to a 1600 ton Oceans Mates Endorsement with full STCW compliance.

His passion for creating creative lasting solutions to bureaucratic problems has been a continuous theme in his professional life. Whether as an executive member of a Marine Science Non-profit or as a NOAA Commissioned Corps Officer, he has been excited about incorporating user group feedback to change the culture.

Jesse Reich

Rocket Scientist

Co-founder and CTO of Mariner Credential Service. His drive comes from helping people by finding solutions to complex problems. 

In addition to co-founding Mariner Credential Service he has been solving complex satellite and ground systems problems for over 14 years.


Our Vision for Maritime Credentialing

We are Streamlining the Complex Credentialing Process

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What used to be piles of paperwork

Becomes a snap with your camera

Tracks USCG National and STCW Requirements

Sends alerts with helpful guidance prior to expiration

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